En anledning att rösta på Feministiskt initiativ


Insändare i senaste numret av Sruti (september, nr 360).


The Dancer’s Appearance

A few articles on dance and dancers have appeared in Sruti in the recent months. In those articles, mention is not made of general appearance of a dancer.

Dances have visual appeal and hence if the dancers maintain their figure, it would be aesthetically pleasing to the viewers. Dancers generally have to watch their figure so that they appear attractive on stage.

A ballerina in the West who is 5’6″ weighs no more then 105 lbs or so. If the ballerina weighs more than the limit, she is out of luck to dance. Even the dancers in the background in a ballet should conform to the prescribed standards. Of course, there is no need to follow those Western standards in the Indian context.

Still, it is imperative [vilken argumentationstitan] that Indian dancers should strive to stay slim and trim. After a certain stage, a dancer who does not want to continue dancing on stage could take to teaching.

In recent years, dance costumes, pleasant orchestral music, with good lighting and sound systems, have improved – which signify positive trends.

KS Ramanamurthy

4 reaktioner på ”En anledning att rösta på Feministiskt initiativ

  1. Klassisk dans är oerhört svår att kommentera, för svår i alla fall för KS Ramanamurthy i Bangalore. Ungefär lika svår som yoga, skulle man kunna säga, nudge-nudge.



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