8 reaktioner på ”Just nu, på Erstagatan …

  1. Any chance you will review this CD and the Malkauns one? I know you aren’t to hot about vocal-instrumental jubalbandis but these may be exceptions … :)

  2. Divakar! These are certainly exceptions, and the only reason we haven’t reviewed them at all is they are Swedish releases and we don’t want to be seen reviewing the Swedish ICM duck pond, where everyone knows each other. Because … we’re part of it.

    They are both tremendous recordings, though. We’re even somewhat proud that a Swedish company released the first such dhrupad jugalbandi. Bengt Berger, who puts out these CDs, is superb.

    If you want an opinion, the Malkauns CD is superior, a solid five stars. It’s particularily incredible that Zia Mohiuddin beenkar doesn’t just play, he sings along with Fariduddin. This new Todi may not be up exactly to that level, but it’s still a great CD, better than most.


  3. I am so glad to hear! I have ordered both along with the Mishra Bhairavi and Gangeyabhushan. Looking forward eagerly. Mid-August there was a gathering of all Chote-Ustad’s students, it was a fabulous couple of days of music. What a Todi Ustad-ji sang with Uday Bhawalkar, left everyone spellbound. Would you have an opinion on K. Shridhar on sarod? I have never heard him.

  4. Oh, we have even seen him live. He performed with his brother, who played south Indian violin, if memory serves. There is a French CD called Nadanjali where he plays Malkauns, which is considerably better than his recording on Amigo.

    We’re sure, though, that you will enjoy your ZMD discs. Gangeyabhushan is among his best and his Bhairavi on sitar is just magic. Glad you could get them – there can’t be many left!

    Some of these discs are so good, some so unique, and Sweden is so small, that we wish someone would distribute them in India. One wonders if Indian dhrupad fans really get to hear them.


  5. Shridar – he is crystal clear in his playing. The reason his cd on the Amigo record label isn’t too good, is that he, at the time of the performance of those two ragas (Madhukauns and Pilu) had no more energy left. Before that he played raga Bageshri of half an hour alap and half and hour gat, but that wasn’t recorded, so he had to play two small ragas to record that.

    I have seen him live too, two or three times. Good concerts, all of them.

  6. Thanks RK and Johan, you’ve been very helpful. Next on my list in Amigos is Nikhil Banerjee’s Desh that got 5 stars and Sridhar. Unfortunately, retail distribution of ICM has shrunk in India and stores tend to stock the usual suspects that sell. So the answer is “no” as to whether music lovers get to listen to such recordings. However, Internet-based retail distribution may be viable and can cater to a smaller market profitably … C&E CDs tend to be more expensive by Indian standards though.


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