14-åring tagen på brösten

Shafaatullah Khan, 42 … ja, Philadelphia Inquirer säger det bäst själv:

When she told him her backpack gave her back pain, he showed her stretches and gave her a massage, she said. As her lessons continued, the massages went further, and he asked her to take off her shirt and bra and touched her breasts, she said. She alleges that at a lesson in December, Khan got on top of her with his clothes on and made sexual comments to her while thrusting his hips.

Tjejen var vid tillfällena (2006/2007) fjorton. Shafaatullah Khan är Imrats son, för Panchamkauns läsare mest känd för den där konstiga tablan på pappans skivor: en sorts anti-Zakir, med det ena solot tystare än det andra. En anonym rocker kommenterar på Indiatime.com: ”We rockers get a bad rap but those classical musicians are every bit as decadent and slimy. At least we’re young and good-looking; those guys look like crap!”.