Indo-Pak Relations

På en All-Pakistan Music Conference-konsert häromdagen på Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture (bilden) uppträdde Nasiruddin Saami, en sångare vi är stora fans av, tillsammans med Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande, sarangiyan Kamal Sabri och en flöjtist vid namn Salamat Hussain. Men han sjöng inte sist, rapporterar How We Operate – det gjorde Ashwini Bhide!

APMC is a learning ground for most young people who don’t know much about classical music. But if even they can pick out faults, it is certainly a surprise.

“Why is Ashwini Bhide the finale?” commented a 23-year-old Shafiq at the event. “What is with this craze with the Indians? This is All-Pakistan Music Conference and ustad Nasiruddin Saami should have been the final act of the night. I’m seriously disappointed.”

“Last year Farid Ayaz Qawwal and Farida Khanum were here. This year there are four performers, two of whom are from India. I have no problem with them, but shouldn’t we pay more attention to our own performers?” questioned Nida, 22.

Music producer Faisal Rafi agrees with this young lot: “Last year it was Shubha Mudgal and this year it is Ashwini Bhide. She was good, but ustad Nasiruddin Saami is extraordinary. He is someone who people love and is treated like royalty outside with people, including Indians, touching his feet. He should have been the final act. But he wasn’t. Which is simply sad.”


Panchamkauns har inget emot Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande och är kanske inte heller Pakistans största förkämpar. Men här ställer vi oss demonstrativt och bestämt på den pakistanska sidan. Nasiruddin Saami skulle ha gått på sist!



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  1. En kommentar på How We Operate försvarar ju Shubha och Ashwini, så då citerar väl vi den i en kommentar vi också:

    The adab-e-mehfil of a classical music conference requires that the seniormost performer closes each day and the closing artiste is always and should always be the seniormost. But I’m also aware that both Indian performers are acutely aware of this adab and would never have closed the conference had it not been for the insistence of our senior ustads. Their adab-e-mehfil do not permit this.

    You may not have noticed, but Ashwiniji was requested to sing raga Mand but refused because it is considered extremely bad form to repeat a raga that has already been sung earlier in the evening (in this case by our virtuoso ustad Nasiruddin Saami).

    ”The insistence of our senior ustads” – betyder det Nasiruddin Saami?



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