Begun, the Clone War has

Rave India publicerar en krönika av Lyle Wachowsky, skivbolagsbasen bakom India Archive Music i New York. Tydligen finns det ett ”argument” om vad som är ”preferable”, musik som låter bra eller som till punkt och pricka följer ett reglemente, som dessutom ”continues”:

Duke Ellington said about music, “If it sounds good, it is good.” I find this a good starting point with respect to any music, Hindustani classical included. However, for some – me included – this approach does not entirely work for Hindustani classical music, which, unlike most other western music – jazz or classical – is built on certain pervasive structural principles in composition and performance.

These principles promote clarity, richness, intelligence and depth of presentation, and a grasp of them by both the artiste and listener is essential to the quality of a performance. At the same time, these underlying principles can only be responsible for a correct performance, and cannot ensure “good-sounding music” – which is to say, it cannot ensure an emotionally charged and aurally enjoyable experience. The argument as to which is preferable or which is “right” continues, and listeners must come to their own conclusions.


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